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My growth in the past few years

mygrowth.jpg (65670 bytes)
The above is my growth in the past few years described in graph, by calculating from income, assets (car, apartment, motorcycle, etc) and satisifactory factors (support from the community, social belongingness, etc) in life.  As you can see, the most successful period is the one from the fall 2001 and the winter 2002 that was when I was working at a medical company in New Hampshire.  Although salaries did increase at some stages, assets and satisfactory factors in life decreased at those stages so that the total points in NH remained as the highest.  (Note that the unemployment is always marked as zero, despite the fact that there can be assets.  This only depicts how successful I am in careers.)

There was a sharp drop immediately after I came back to Japan in the early spring of 2002, then followed by two- month unemployment period.(the zero position basically specifies unemployment.) There was a quick comeback attempt at the end of summer 2002 but only lasted four months and dropped to zero again at the end of the year.  At the beginning of 2003, I recovered half of my initially succeeded growth and then made more advances in the summer.  Yet, there was a sharp drop again in the fall and unemployment lasted for four to five months.  At the beginning of this year, my growth was recovered to the level of the summer 2003 but again, there was a sharp drop.

This clearly describes that the highest and the most stable growth that I have ever experienced is the period spent at a medical company in New Hampshire and also my economic growth in Japan has been very severe.

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