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My Progress

mygrowth2.jpg (63110 bytes)
Me now and then.
These are the photos on myself taken accordingly with my progress in the past few years.  As you see, the highest so far is the period between the summer of 2001 to the winter of 2002, spent at a medical company in New Hampshire.  The photo above is from my NH license and I have to realize that I used to look much more manly than I do now.  The photo at the bottom was taken lately, in 2004, at the job placement school, while being unemployed. (I am still unemployed.)  I look as if I completely lost my style nurtured in NH.   Coming back to Japan was a like a free fall as you can see a shart drop in some months after the first photo.  Since then, I have been crawling to improve my situation but I could not have made it here yet.