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Monologues   (This is how I live lately...)



I now have a new job in Tokyo. I work as System Engineer at Comex Japan. Check also my personal web site here.


Okinawa Days are all over, my friend.  I am about to be back on track again here in Tokyo.  I quit my last job and now got a new job in Tokyo.


Hi all.  I forgot to say that I actually made myself back to New Hampshire during my stay in Kansas.  I visited Manchester from March 14 to 16, staying at Holiday Inn on Elm Street.  Basically the main purpose of visiting there was to go back to the places I used to go.  I rented a truck on 15 and visited my memorial trails such as 99, GWT and Carington Farm in Hooksett, SNHU (NHC), St. Catherine's Cathedral, Black Brimmer in Manchester.  I also met some of my old friends in the town again.  The town looked a bit different to me because of the increase of new residents since.  It also had some new buildings but it didn't really matter to me.  Anyway, it was still the town I grew up and I was very happy that I was back there.



I have returned to Okinawa.                    


I went to see George Strait at his show at Kemper Arena in Kansas City last week.    I've been a GS fan ever since I saw the film "Pure Country" and had heard about this opportunity on a country music station here earlier.  As soon as I knew about it, I thought that I could never miss it.   Fortunately I was able to get the ticket for the upper level seat before it was sold out.  The show at the arena started with the opening guest named Tammy Cochran.  I was surprised to know that this cute blonde country singer was not bad at all, although I did not know her name.    The opening show was over and there was only one main event left for us.    Everyone looked so excited that they waited for his appearance, calling out his hame loud.  So did I.  At the same time, the number of audience was quickly increasing.  When there was an annoucement to introduce him on stage to the crowd, everybody knew that he'd come out.  "George Strait"! 

I enjoyed the show a lot.  The one thing I regret, though, is that he did not play my very favorite song "I Cross My Heart"  Probably, he has done that so many times on previous shows...

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Tammy Cochran as an opening guest GS

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Finally, I have arrived in Kansas, U.S.  It is just great for me to be back in this country, although this state is totally new to me.  It's a bit different here from New Hampshire so that it might take time to get used to everything around this area.    Anyway, I know I have to call up my friends around the East Coast area just to let them know I am in this land.  The plan of visiting Kansas came true because I was sent by my company in Okinawa, mostly funded by the government.  I arrived here with other co-workers on Jan. 30. We are going through the training program at Kansys, Inc. located in Olathe.  I am going to stay in the town called Lenexa until the first of April.  You can reach me at or (913)894-5220 (ask for me).

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Me in front of Kansys, Inc, Olathe, KS


I am in Okinawa now.  My first impression on Okinawa is that the weather is very different from that in Tokyo.  It is really warmer here, although we're still in January.  People here are very different too.  There are natives,  people from the mainland, those from the U.S. and others.  Not to mention, many American bases are situated in thise island.  Since my jobs keep me busy, I do not really have time to relax now but hope to settle down here soon.  


Happy new year!  Here are updates for the ongoing story.  My departure date for Okinawa has been set to January 8.  That is not so far away.  So, I have to finish up packing and will turn this off soon.  That means that I will not be able to use Internet to update this website until everything is set right back.  Sending me an e-mail is okay since I have that on my keitai (cell phone).   Anyway, this is going to be the last update in the next several days.  See ya!


The stories on my next job and a plan visit to Kansas have been developed.  I was informed today that the projects on the bases will be delayed because of the preparations I will have to take prior to my departure for the Kansas training.  Anyway I feel excited about the possibility that I will be back to the U.S. again.


The stories on my next job and a plan visit to Kansas have been developed.  I would be soon moving to Okinawa.  I've heard that it is an island full of sandy beach resorts, tropical forests and great foods.  Don't forget that it has got a lot of American bases, too.  My first project at the company in Okinawa will be a project in an American military base.  I will be working there constantly until I am sent to a company in Kansas for training in February.  The final decision on training in Kansas, whether that happens to me or not, is going to be given to me sometime in January but I am one of the most potential candidates for it.  If sent to Kansas, I will be staying in Olathe, Kansas from February to March.  I have never been to Kansas state before so that I would definitely love to meet new people and find a new aspect of the U.S there.  It seems that Olathe is just by Kansas City, Missouri.  Unlike NH, it is geographically located inland.  If that happens, I should be making a new tribute page for Kansas later on, who knows?


I got a call from SAM'S IT today regarding to my employment.   According to the information given, the schedule has changed a little bit.  I am supposed to start working in Okinawa first, for a few months from January, next year.   The plan for training in Kansas has not been confirmed but I would highly likely be sent there later on.


I have received good news today, regarding to my next employment.   SAM'S IT, whose headquarters is located in Okinawa, Japan, has told me that they decided to hire me from January next year.  If I start working at the company, I would most likely be sent to Kansas, US for a few months starting from January next year for training and after that, I will be located in Okinawa to work for projects there.   I would be working in Okinawa for at least two years.  This whole story is not fully confirmed yet, as there are other options, even at the same company but it is very likely that this will come true.  Wait for updates on that



As for my job at MF, I called it a quit today.   I did not really like working for them, because the position I was assigned to did not require my expertise and I felt a lot of my skills were underused.