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About Reminiscence of Granite State

Reminiscence of the Granite State is the web page to introduce lifestyles of the Granite State and also its adjacent states. The Granite State is a nickname for the state of New Hampshire, USA. I lived in the Granite State for about 6 years combining two periods, one from August 1993 to December 1994 and the other from August 1997 to March 2002. I had a lot of fine experiences at this magnificent region, spending most of my youth period and those experiences are something that makes me feel at my home. In fact, I have never stopped communicating with some of the residents around there, since I knew them. To write down all the good stories about the region to others, the web page was established. I think I will be back there soon if possible.

History of this Web site

The root of this web site dates back to my previous web pages, launched in late 1998 and then early 1999 (March), when I was a college student at New Hampshire College. I was one of the guys who volunteered to found a homepage for the college's CIS club, Computer Club, as well as to work on web site developments personally with free accounts such as geocities, tripod, etc. The Computer Club was the NHC's only club which valued, promoted and encouraged the information, knowledge and expertise of computer technologies among students. One valuable experience was a visit to
a regional FAA Center(Federal Aviation Administration Center).

The name "Reminiscence of the Granite State" was then applied in 2002 to one of my such personal accounts.

Technologies of my web site

When I was dealing with web pages back in the late 1990s, I was basically writing plain HTML pages either by using a text editor or commercial HTML editor like around the year 1998. I remember when I was associated with the CIS web stuff, I purchased web page editting software called Microsoft FrontPage 98. I think, it remained as a first-rate handy tool for the next several years, until other competitive technologies came out. It might have become an obsolete tool once but is still a very competitive tool for experienced users since most homepage editing tools available today seem to be notive-based, having made it easier for entry-level users to make homepages similar to each other's. This page is still created and managed with Microsoft Frontpage 98.

Where is the Granite State?

As it was mentioned above, the Granite State stands for New Hampshire, United States. It is a northeastern state located along the border to Canada and is one of six state in New England region. The state is known to be conservative. In Addition, the state symbol is the old man in the mountain, the famous rock of an old man's face figure situated in north.  

Granite State stands for New Hampshire, one of the states in the U.S. It is in New England region and is specified with pink on the map.

Who am I?

You can read some information about me here.