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Seasons in Granite State


Granite State in winter is cold and snowy and most pickup truck drivers choose to get a snow plow on the truck. In that kind of snowy place, people really appreciate them, if they can clear ice and snow out of the road before the state does. Years like 2000 and 2001, we had late snow compared to typical years. Even if it's the year of late snow fall, noone is really upset about the weather, because they all know it will eventually. In the first pile of snow, many kids like going out and jumping into the snow as soon as they find it. After overnight heavy snow, schools and offices can be closed, as they call it too dangerous to drive. In fact, if you don't have snow tires, it is easy to slide over and a hell to drive. You have to know how to brake in snow, too. You may often see cars, run off the ramp and police helping them out. You really have to be careful.

Despite such a weather, people really enjoy the season. They like skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and riding on snowmobiles. As for winter sports, there are ski resorts up north like those in White Mountain region. There are some ice-skating rinks across the state, too. Some of the outdoor venues are frozen lakes. It seems that ice-skating population in the state is not really high, though. Lately, a popular winter sport in Granite State might be snowmobile riding, as it is growing and is common to see snowmobile riders in open fields and hills along highway. They can go through almost anywhere.


Granite State's winter has come to close, when you find that the snow covered field, where kids used to play, turned to green and the frozen lake has melt into water. Easter eggs tell the resurrection of the god and at the same time the beginning of spring. It is a good idea to resume your Sunday church visit, which was less frequent during snowy winter. It might still snow but the winter is officially over by then. You can see birds' winging across the sky, which was dim throughout the winter but is now clear. Snowmobile owners carry their vehicles to storage. Snow plows are taken off from the trucks. There are seasonal greetings written on signs along the road.


It gets warmer in summer in Granite State so that a lot of people like going for watersports. If you see many trucks towing a family-owned ship, it is a sign that it is the time to enjoy the summer. They go to sea and lakes to have fun. A lot of bikers march into towns to head to a traditional biker's festival in Laconia. There can be storms in early summer. Once in a while, riding in summer's stormy rain can be your memory. You feel as if you are in one of those summer songs. You must realize that you are in the States, when you hear the sounds of the Independence day's fireworks. It is the country's birthday.

It is nice to go for driving in summer. There are cool places like sea, lakes and mountains in Granite State. However, scenic views from the seacoast line in mid-summer can be less attractive, as it ends up in seeing packed tourists in the region. Hampton beach itself draws many tourists from all across the nation and the area really looks like a tourist site especially in summer. Unless you like to see nice chicks and others, you should choose other scenic routes.

The roads around Lake Sunapee, for example, can be really comfortable to drive, because you drive under arch of trees and is a mountain road. Winnipesaukee Lake region is good, too.


The long-lasting chilly weather tells the end of the summer. The most popular activity in Granite State in fall would be hunting. People go hunting games for the thanksgiving dinners. In fall, we often see a car or a truck carrying a dead deer. There is no Granite State without a culture of hunting. You should be trained before you go for hunting. Bear Brook State Park has a good training site for bow hunting.

Sooner you will find out that leaves on trees change their dresses. Once they were all green, now they are red. Sooner, they will fall from trees. You can see this almost anywhere in Granite State. It is beautiful.