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Q. Is it true that Granite State is so damned rural?

It depends on where you point at, because there are many different areas in Granite State like other states. You must be aware that even countryside areas in New York state can be rural, too.

Typical rural scenes in Granite State are fields, mountains, rivers and lakes. There are farms but are not really counted as typical views there. Most of rural places are enjoyed as scenic views or for outdoor activities. In some area, you don't see any building over 10 miles. As you drive through such a region, you will realize the magnificence of the Granite State's nature. Most of time, you do not really want a camera, avoiding to act like a tourist.

On the other hand, cities, such as Concord, Manchester and Nashua, seem to have the most urban traits among all areas in Granite State. Yet, if you compare any of them to Boston, MA, you will realize that they are less populated. Of course, it does not mean that the level of industry or that of technology is low. In fact, there are a lot of technological firms located in the southern area of the state.

What makes Granite State different from others is not the size of a city nor the extent of industry but it is its beauty of nature. If you explore in the state, you can find yourself in a picturesque place that no one really knows. It seems that many people who move into this state tend to be from big cities. They choose to live in the environment they did not have back home. Yet, it does not completely shut out from cities, as there are cities in Granite State. Granite State is not as rural as some people might estimate. It is a cool place to live.

Q. Do you need a car in Granite State?

The most common means of transportation in Granite State is automobile. You should get a car to get around freely since there is no train network, which connects to all areas in the state. There are long distance or local buses but the schedule can be less flexible. If you want to have mobility, you ought to have a car.

Q. Having been told that you are Japanese, why did you launch such a tribute site to Granite State?

Because there are a lot of memories in Granite State for me. I spent nearly a quarter of his life in Granite State, studying and working. I loves the way it is there and like to introduce what I found nice about the state.

Q. Is it true that women in Granite State are ugly?


Q. What is a sense of value for people in Granite State?

Like other states, many people do not appreciate little things. The U.S. is still the larger the better mentality, although it was once outdated. Generally speaking, they really hate to go small in most areas.

Q. What woule be a souvenir from Granite State?

It is a difficult question but a typical answer can be Maple Syrup. It can be anything though.