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Trip to Chicago, Illinois (Spring Break of 1998)

In the Spring Break of 1998, I travelled to Chicago, IL by train.  It took me about a day to get there from Boston on train.  Despite bad rumors I had heard about the town, it was a beautiful town.  The town's architecture is very impressive.

chicago.jpg (27204 bytes) Chicago Town
Chicago, USA, 1998

This is a view of Chicago from Navy Pier. Navy pier used to be a shipyard where they prepared for wars in the past but today it has changed to a popular family park in Chicago.

ecs2.jpg Ecstasy of Saint Therese
Chicago, USA, 1998

The minimized replica of the famous sculpture was displayed at the art museum of Chicago. She is crazy beautiful.

chicago2.jpg (123337 bytes) Downtown Chicago
Chicago, USA, 1998

This busy street is located the business disctrict of Chicago that makes it look similar to New York City.  It is the east side of the town and is full of office buildings, department stores, boutiques, showrooms etc.

chicago3.jpg (114557 bytes) "Chicago Tribune"
Chicago, USA, 1998

The building of Chicago Tribune is located on Magnificent Miles, a popular shopping street in town.