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Trip to Quebec, Canada (Chrismas Break of 1993)

1993 was the year that I enrolled into New Hampshire College for the first time.  In the Chrismas Break of that year, I visited Montreal and Quebec City in Canada with my friend.  They were very neat places despite the freezing climate.  We found people in Quebec City in particular considerably friendly to strangers like us.

montreal1.JPG (258748 bytes) View of downtown Montreal from Olympic tower.
Montreal, Canada, 1993

Montreal in winter is extremely cold.  Even if it is a fine day, the temperature itself could freeze you off easily.  A coat, gloves and scarf are almost a must to bring when you're in Montreal in winter.  The whole city looked like pieces of ice blocks from the top of the Olympic tower.

montreal2.jpg (350131 bytes) Old Ville in Montreal
Montreal, Canada, 1993

It is a section of the city of Montreal, where they call "Old Ville" and historical assets relating to the city's development merges in the modern life. It might look like a street corner of a French town to some.

montreal4.jpg (87330 bytes) A Street Corner of Montreal
Montreal, Canada, 1993

It is the Old Ville district of Montreal that leads to a famous cathedral in town.

montreal3.JPG (219948 bytes) The eastside of Montreal
Montreal, Canada, 1993

The eastside of Montreal provides you with some cultural experience as the district is full of artists' boutiques, restaurants, cafes and so forth. At a street corner in this region, a little grafiti was found on a residence wall.

quebec.jpg (142019 bytes) Statue of Jeanne D'Arc
Quebec City, Canada, 1994

I stood in front of the statue of Jeanne D'Arc, a French heroine, found in the middle of a snow-covered park in Quebec City. Quebec City is located even further north from Montrol and there was no wonder they had such heavy piles of snow

quebec2.jpg (119432 bytes) A village by the foot of the hill in Quebec City
Quebec City, Canada, 1994

The main part of Quebec City is located on the top of a hill.  There is also a little town on a foot of the hill.  If you walk down the steps here and head to the left, there is a river.  In this time of the year, you can most likely see huge icebergs flowing down the water there.  Thats so magnificent.